Need QA Tester for website

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United States

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Project Description

I need someone that can QA my site in a testing enviorment before it goes live.


Fluent in English, both speaking and writing
Experience QAing Sites
Able to rewrite reports

If you are interested post a bid and tell me about your experience.

Skills required

  • Testing / QA
  • Website Testing
  • English (US}
  • Report Writing
  • Posted 18:52 06/30/17
  • Ends 22:52 07/31/17
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I have experience in web development, and I speak english very well. This is my first job on this site so the my bid is low. I can get your jod done for 2 or 3 days with all documentation. Thank you for considering my bid and I hope that we will cooperate.

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I am happy to QA your site as I am able to test it in a number of environments using a custom simulator, and I can have a detailed report sent to you within 48 hours, my first language is in fact English (I have lived in England all my life) and I hope you consider me for the job.

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New Zealand


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I am a C# .NET developer with QA experience using Selenium. I will be happy to help you out testing your website and writing a detailed report for you.

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United States


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I have developed and tested my own software/websites for years. I also offer my QA testing services to other developers on occasion. I will test your script in a number of environments, both pc and mobile, and provide a detailed report of my findings and recommendations. I can begin immediately,having your report back to you within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Fluent in German and English, made a few websites myself so I know what to look out for. Glad to help

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I'm a developer with vast knowledge in Java and C#-ASP.NET. I will give a concise report of the system base on what you.

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United States


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I work in User Experience design, I can validate your design for you and through user testing identify areas where you can improve the flow for the user to help facilitate growth.

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I can do it cheaper. I only had a few experiences working as a QA, but I can get the job done with a short period of time.

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I am a Quality Assurance Expert with experience in the field for over 3 years. Your best buy considering the price/quality ratio. If interested, feel free to contact me to discuss further. Best regards.

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I will do it for cheaper than you budget and quickly

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Hi ! I have more than 6 years in the QA Field. I will provide a Test Plan for the project, and a test guide for all the enviroment, so you will see, everything that was taking in count and a detailed reports about the site.

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United States


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Hi, I can QA test your project for you and I will provide detailed information on what works, errors, give suggestions and other product related things.

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United States


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English is my first language and I've been working in software QA for 18 years.

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United States


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Software engineer ready to do QA job :)

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United States


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To be honest, this will be my third QA. However, I can assure you I can do a great job. I have some spare time for now and will dedicate it doing this. Thank you!

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United States


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I have experience QA testing and speak english as my main language. Thank you for considering me.

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