Satoshis to gold gram converter

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Project Description

The domain is

It's a site that shows the current spot price of 1 gold gram in satoshis.

For example today 1 gold gram (gg) is 540,000 satoshis.

I need the logo, design, html, javascript done.

I need also a simple javascript calculator that would allow the site visitor to set the amount in gg or USD or sats and see the results in the other 2 currencies.

Skills required

  • Website Design
  • Javascript
  • Logo Design
  • Posted 21:37 01/31/20
  • Ends 21:37 02/14/20
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I took a look at the site. Cool. I can build this for you. I would generate 4-6 different logos from which you could select one format and one text type along with whichever color palette you prefer. I could present you with a variety of design formats and then build your pages in accordance with whichever one you choose. The javascript and html files will take a little while but not that long. I would estimate I could have the whole job done in two to three weeks. For a sample of my programming ability, you may download my java .jar file from and verify it in a terminal window using: jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs signed-Deployed.jar. That will confirm it's validity, that I signed it and that it hasn't been tampered with in the meantime. My email is You may contact me anytime and I will respond within a day. We can discuss payment and draws at that time. Thanks and I hope we can work together on this.

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Hello! Job is easy to do. I will create a nice design and logo. Use javascript for the convertor and a free API to get the prices for gold, bitcoin and fiat currencies. I can make that it works with any fiat currency in the world.

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Hey! I'm tushar from India and I'm a full stack developer (3+ years, 4.8* rating on freelancer). I've worked on similar projects before. I also have experience with adobe suite and I'll make a wonderful logo for your webapp (in illustrator). Contact me here (demo)

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Hello! I'm from Ukraine and I need some money) I will be happy to complete your project at the highest level. I hope you choose me. Thank you!

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Hy... Sound s like an easy job to me do you have spec's concerning which API or data-source you want to get the exchange rate from ? Get back to me ASAP

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I'm an experience software developer with the experience to develop a program that converts Satoshis to gold gram. I can assure that this will be delivered with 100% right on time. The project is understood but requires further discussion. Thank you

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I can definitely take care of this easily. I would love to discuss more about the site plans and goals. Setting up a calculator to do the conversion from btc to gold or gold to btc at any weight or by set weights would be a fun project. Let me know any further details you are looking for and your ideas on the site and logo. My email is

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I have a team to design your logo, adobe XD layout and Javascript for your landing page. here is my email and telegram: @amir_sfz

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