Looking for reddit mod and Poster for subreddit

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Project Description

Looking for someone that will search daily for news, articles, research, and announcements related to machine learning and artificial intelligence and post the links to our subreddit.

This will require daily submissions of at least ten(10) posts.

Payments made once a week of 0.001 BTC

Skills required

  • Research
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Scraping
  • Newsletters
  • Web Search
  • Posted 15:17 03/29/18
  • Ends 00:33 04/10/18
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rhyzom (1)

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Hey, this sounds very much relevant to my present interests. I'm anyway slowly doing the research in relation to a project I intend to soon start working on so might as well use the common ground. I'm also actively investing my spare time in IOTA, which is also about setting the groundwork for quality data that could be fed to machine learning algorithms in eventually leveraging AI technologies, so if you're interested I'd be happy to take you up on that. You'll just have to give me a day or two before I begin since I urgently need to finish something else first.

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I'd be glad to help you with this project, I'd research the proper subs and all the required news to post them at your sub. Looking forward to work for you.

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I work from home and have extensive experience in content management and content creation, so this sounds perfect to add to my schedule. Any questions, let me know!

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I wold like to apply for this job. I do it daily without being paid. Read a lot about all the new technology and crypto. A lot time spending in Reddit.

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I’d be happy to handle your project which is quite relevant to my research projects on AI, and have blogged about it quite often. I’ll have it done in a day.

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Hi there, I accept the rate you're offering and I would definitely have enough time during the day to get all of this done for you. If you still need someone, let me know. Kind Regards Jasmine

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United States


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Please accept me!! I got the time and I'm willing to do it. Reddit username is thotimusprime70, email is mfark1983@gmail.com phone is 9202128526

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Hello there, my name is Luciano DeAngelo and I am a social media manager. I have experience workinh with many crypto projects and ICOs. I have experience running Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram accounts. I also have experience with content creation. I am passionate about blockchain and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.

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